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Scanlevel Oy is a company specialized in inspection and verification of fuel dispensers. Our accreditation as an inspection body by FINAS (The Finnish Accreditation Services) is officially approved by Tukes (The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency).

Our customers in fuel trade value the importance of accuracy and reliability in their business. By engaging any of Scanlevel’s professional inspectors, they are ensured quick and cost efficient legal inspection and verification of their fuel dispensers.

Optimal tuning can have thousands of Euros of significance in business yearly.

"For measuring devices that are used in everyday trade, such fuel dispensers, a technical inspection of the structure and function of the dispenser has to be carried out before market introduction. Regular inspection ensures the reliability and accuracy of the dispenser. This way the consumer receives the correct amount of fuel and retailer the correct compensation for the refuelling." (Tukes 2012)

The inspection of fuel dispensers is a statutory operation made at two-year intervals. . The Purpose of this operation is to ensure fair trade between the customer and the retailer.

"Inspection obligation is based on the measuring device law. According to this law such measuring devices that are used to define economical interest (=sale) must be inspected. When the retail site has one fuel dispenser that sells fuel, then all the dispensers must be inspected. Those dispensers that are not inspected are not allowed to be used."

In practice fuel dispensers tend to deliver larger volumes of fuel compared to the dispenser reading.Normal wear and tear during the equipment’s lifetime will thus cause extra expenses for the retailer. With regular inspection and tuning these costs can be minimized. In retail sites with large sales volumes Scanlevel Oy recommends that inspection and tuning are performed more often than prescribed by law (every two years). By using Scanlevel’s on-line verification test it is possible to start the optimization of the service station. The test will give an indication of when inspection and tuning should be carried out so that inspection benefits are the most optimal.

Frequent inspection ensures a fair relation between the customer and the retailer. Our experts will calculate the best estimated inspection and tuning time for you.


Through good bookkeeping it is possible to observe losses in the fuel distribution process. When a loss is discovered it is necessary to contact an expert to examine the causes of stock losses. Naturally there can be several causes but the easiest and most inexpensive way to start the investigation is to take test measurements from the fuel dispensers. Unexplained loss can cause significant economic losses, environmental damage or even an explosion hazard.

"The smallest loss is often the hardest to discover but it is often the most destructive."

Possible causes of the stock losses:

  • Problems with fuel dispensers and control units
  • Leaks
  • Evaporation
  • Loss in temperature
  • Fuel theft
  • Incomplete delivery

Inspection method

Scanlevel’s inspection includes two main stages; inspection and tuning (if needed). Inspection includes examination of the equipment’s general condition so that possible problems and environmental risks caused by faults are discovered as early on as possible. The inspection fulfills all legal requirements and economical losses can be avoided.

After performing the actions described above, the inspector makes clear and comprehensive report which can be helpful should stock loss occur. Test measurements are run at maximum and minimum flow rates to ensure that the indicator works without disruptions under all circumstances. Often losses that cause the biggest costs can only be detected and verified with up-to-date inspection equipment and highly skilled professional inspectors.

Scanlevel Oy is an inspection company established in 2007. We provide verification service as a type A inspection institute. Our accreditation as an inspection body by FINAS (The Finnish Accreditation Service) is officially approved and accepted by TUKES (The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency).

Scanlevel Oy delivers high quality and cost efficient inspections thanks to regular and continuous training and appropriate instructions. Our high-class and approved equipment is always up-to-date.

Our approved quality system enables us to deliver high quality services and reporting. Based on our internal values and the company’s approvals, Scanlevel promises to work for an improve fair trade in the fuel retail business.

We operate in the whole of Finland.

Please, contact our staff and ask for an offer.

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